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Natural/Organic Products


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*** We have Probiotics, Supplements, Charlotte's Web Products and other anti-inflammatory products, Aromatherapy Heating Pads, Organic sage smudge sticks, Local Raw Honey, Elderberry Products, Dandy Blend, Essential Oils, All Natural Dog Treats, Organic Teas, Organic Coffee, Locally made beanies, scarves, yoga socks and T-shirts and more! We have an excellent variety of natural/organic products available for you to purchase in Our Store!

Natural/Organic Products

                              Beautiful Glowing Skin Naturally...

Healthy Touch Essentials, LLC offers customers with Natural/Organic Handmade Soaps, Amazing Acne TM Products, Laundry Soap, Natural Deodorants, Lotions, Masks, Body Scrubs, Aroma Roll Ons, Lip Balms, Organic Pet Shampoo,Household Cleaning Products and more!

Our products are made with beneficial organic oils for your skin to nourish and hydrate. Essential oil blends known to have antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal, anti aging properties, nutrients from organic herbs and spices. Store bought products contain detergents, petroleums, preservatives and other harsh chemicals. Our products do not contain harsh chemicals, alcohols or toxic preservatives.


 All Soap Bars are Hand Cut at Approximately 5.25

(except Facial soaps they are approx. 3.2oz)

Amazing Acne TM is a registered Trademark of Healthy Touch Essentials LLC  


Any problems with check out, email us [email protected] your order and shipping address and we will email you an invoice to pay by credit card or pay pal. Redeeming a Gift Certificate email order with certificate number and shipping address. Shipping within United States Only. Thank you!




All Natural Goat's Milk Soaps

Moisturizing goat's milk soap infused with pure essential oils, teas,organic oils, natural colorants and other natural ingredients. Great moisturizing soap and smells amazingly good! These bars are head to toe and can be used as shampoo too!

Our New Lip Butter!!

We improved our old fantastic lip balms and made them even more rich and creamy! is that possible? yes!! Here they are Our New LIP BUTTERS!! and 3x bigger!

BUG OUT All Natural Herbal Spray

Natural bug spray made with pure essentials oils. Safe for everyone in the family, pets included (dogs, cats, horses) For flying insects,mosquitoes, fleas and ticks. 4oz bottle

Amazing AcneTM Soap

Amazing Acne is a Registered Trademark of Healthy Touch Essentials. It's a Natural Acne/Antiseptic cleansing soap. Great for teens and adults who have acne prone skin. Made with pure tea tree oil, proprietary essential oil blend, a variety of herbs and other natural ingredients. Due to its germ killing essential oil properties this is also a great soap to use on cuts and scrapes, keep this in your home for a great antiseptic soap.

Amazing AcneTM Starter Kit

This is the perfect kit to start out the Amazing Acne Cleansing Treatment. Easy to use and see results fast! You get all (4) products in a travel bag with a microfiber wash cloth.

All Natural Deodorant -

A Natural Deodorant that last all day! Pure essential oils are Cleansing and Rejuvenating. Organic Coconut Oil, Tea Tree & Essential Oils are known to have antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Tree of Life Soap

This soap is just beautiful to set on your bathroom sink and when you go to use it the smell of sweet spearmint essential oil is so freshing it will lift your mood! Made with moisturizing goat's milk and natural colorants!

Essential Oil Bath Bombs

Relax and enjoy a bath with one of our natural bath bombs. Made with natural ingredients and scented with essential oils. Can be boxed for different occasions, just let us know in the comments section or email us what you are looking for. Great for teachers, coworkers, neighbors, clients and party favors!

All Natural Perfume

Our All Natural Perfumes are made with organic therapeutic pure essential oils giving you a non-toxic, alcohol free, skin safe natural yet strong perfume that will linger for hours with the ability to lift your mood. Rub onto your neck, wrist, bottom of your foot, forehead or pressure points. Imagine walking thru a field of Fresh Lavender flowers, or pick from other scents above~

Muscle Relief Bath Soak or Muscle Relief Lotion Stick

A Simple way to add healing herbs and beneficial minerals to your bath

Colloidal Soothing Oatmeal Bath

Colloidal oatmeal is a relaxing bath soak that locks in moisture and relieves itchy dry skin. Made with Lavender for calm and ease inflammation associated with eczema, psoriasis and poison ivy or order original and chocolate for a spa like relaxing bath. Makes 10 relaxing bath soaks. Choose scent above.

Natural Body Lotion

Natural Moisturizing Body Lotion made with organic ingredients including organic coconut oil, pure essential oils and extracts for scent, aloe and natural colorants  6.75 oz.

Oh So Chocolate Goat's Milk Soap

Made with organic oils, organic moisturizing goat's milk, organic chocolate, pure essential oils, natural colorants and other natural ingredients.

Oatmeal Spice Soap

This is a Top Selling soap, excellent soap for itchy, dry skin associated eczema. Natural collodial oatmeal helps relieve skin irritation and helps maintain body's own moisture. This bar has a great scent and you don't have to have eczema to enjoy this soap.

VEGAN Olive Oil Soaps

Olive oil soaps made with pure essential oils, beneficial herbs and spices, aloe, and natural colorants

All Natural Green Tea Day/Night Hydrating Cream

Green tea which is thought to protect the skin from aging and damage from UVB sun rays. Also known as a natural anti-flammatory.

Natural Facial Moisturizer

Natural facial moisturizer with organic extra virgin coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil. sunflower oil, vegetable glycerin, aloe, vitamin E, rosemary, lemon oil, and other natural ingredients depending on skin types, select below. Use daily to hydrate the skin. 2 oz.

Natural Facial Cleanser

Daily facial cleanser. For all skin types, including sensitive skin. Use morning and night. 8.5 oz Made with organic ingredients and certified 100% pure essential oil. Cleanse daily for refreshing clean skin.

Organic Intensive Skin Repair

Made with 100% Raw Organic Shea Butter and other natural . For seriously all dry skin. This is a must have if you suffer from eczema or cracked dry skin. It is readily absorbed by the skin without leaving a greasy residue. Great for dry irritated skin, wrinkle smoothing, sun damage and burns. 2 oz

All Natural Tea Tree Ointment

Natural ointment for cuts and scrapes, athletes foot, toenail fungus and poison. Made with pure tea tree essential oil, proprietary essential oil blend, organic coconut oil and other natural ingredients

Hydrating Facial Mist Choose scent below

A hydrating and refreshing mist helps revive dehydrated and uncomfortable skin anytime. Great to use as a hydrating boost toner or a mid-day pick me up. Choose Scent Above

All Natural Mud Mask

Contains antiseptic, antibacterial and antimicrobial minerals to draw out impurities and stimulate healthy skin regeneration. Also good for acne prone skin as it deeply cleanses pores to draw out toxins. Natural purifying mud mask made with organic oils, the finest clays, essential oil blend and other natural ingredients. 2.5 oz (70.87g)

All Natural Facial Scrub with Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

Natural facial scrub gentle and mild enough for sensitive skin made with Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Organic oils, vitamin e & c, essential oil blend and other natural ingredients. 2.75 oz (77.96 g)

Organic White Sage Sticks

Purify your space, boost your mood

Bamboo Tooth brushes

Skip the plastic! Go Bamboo

Tea Tree Toothpicks

Cleansing Tea Tree Toothpicks Original or Cinnamon

Tea Tree Toothpaste

Tea Tree toothpaste is an all natural cleansing product made with sodium bicarbonate, calcium carbonate with antiseptic tea tree oil, parsley seed oil~natures breath freshener to leave your mouth with a fresh clean taste!

Tractor Soap (Large)

Make bath time fun for the kids! made with pure essential oil, natural colorants and moisturizing goat's milk which is mild enough for sensitive skin too! Let the fun begin!!

Treasure Hunt Soaps

Fun Kid Soaps with variety of toys with natural colorants that will give them hours of play time in the bath. Choose theme above

"Cheek to Feet " Soothing Body Balms

Natural soothing body balm to moisturize dry skin from head to toe (cheeks, lips, body, hands and feet) . Great Winter Moisturizer!! Good for cracked, dry skin.

Travel Deodorants

Our natural deodorants are available in travel size perfect for travel bags, gym bags, school, purse, car etc. small enough to take them anywhere you go! 1 oz.

Sensitive Skin with Evening Primrose

Made with evening primrose to help complexion problems and reduce inflammation due to Rosacea/psoriasis and other skin issues.

Facial Soap (choose scent below)

Made with essential oil blend, natural pore cleansing ingredients and enriched with vitamins and minerals.


All Natural Soap that is Fragrance Free for people sensitive to essential oils/scents this is also good for people with skin irritations such as eczema or this is a great soap for babies. Pure and simple. Contains sunflower oil, coconut oil, olive oil and water.

100% breathable Mesh Mask

Made in USA!! If you have a issues with wearing a mask because you cannot breath properly this one is 100% breathable. When you don't want to wear a mask but sometimes you need to this is the one for you. It's like not wearing one and 100% breathable!

Certified 100% Pure Essential Oils

Certified 100% Pure Essential Oils. 18ml bottle with dropper lid. For aromatherapy use place several drops on aromafier/diffusers. For all other uses carefully dilute with a carrier oil. Natural essentials oils are highly concentrated and should be used with care. Choose scent above.

Certified 100% Pure Essential Oils

Certified 100% Pure Essential Oils. 18ml bottle with dropper lid. For aromatherapy use place several drops on aromafier/diffusers. For all other uses carefully dilute with a carrier oil. Natural essentials o

ils are highly concentrated and should be used with care.

Chakra Diffuser Bracelet

Multi colored Chakra Bracelet with lava stones to diffuse with your essential oils


This is a great product that is small enough to transport anywhere but works well in any size room. Runs on USB/AC plug or batteries. Just add a few drops of essential oil to the pad and turn on puts a wonderful aroma in the room. This is waterless diffuser and can replace all those chemical plug in ones you shouldn't use. Great gift giving idea, especially for kids college rooms, teachers etc.

Aromafier Refill Pads

6 aromafier refill pads for your Aromafier.

CLEARANCE Essential Oil Flash Cards

Educate yourself on Essential Oils with these convenient flashcards!

Goat's Milk Heart Soap (Regular size soap)

Heart goat's milk soap. Smells absolutely wonderful!

Sea Salt Soap - Choose Below

Made with organic oils, essential oil blend, Pink Himalayan sea salt, natural colorants and other natural ingredients

Organic Sugar Body Scrub

Made with organic sugar, organic oil blend, essential oils and other natural ingredients. Use to exfoliate the body to remove impurities and leaving your skin silky smooth. 8 oz.

Pumice Scrub Soaps

This soap has an amazing aroma of essentials oil with pumice added which makes this soap great for exfoliating the skin including those rough feet or to get the grime off of hard working hands!! Great Gardner's/Mechanic's Soap too! Made with moisturizing goat's milk, pumice, pure essential oils, herbs, and other natural ingredients

Oregano Plus

All Natural Lip Treatment for colds, cold sore, canker sores, lip infections. Made with Oregano essential oil, a proprietary blend of essential oils, organic anti-inflammatory ingredients, organic oils, vitamin e and other natural ingredients.

Cold Remedy Bar - Natural Soap

This bar is good for colds and sinuses and allergy issues. Made with pure essential oil blend.

Natural Aroma Nasal Stick - Cold Remedy

Got a cold and stuffy nose? Try the All Natural Aroma Nasal Stick. Made with Pure Essential Oil Blend (smells like vicks) but all natural. Relieve the stuffiness!

Organic Tea Tree Shampoo or Choose Other Moisturizing Shampoo below:

Moisturizing Shampoos made with Organic ingredients available in a variety of scents. Including a tea tree shampoo made with essential oils to help with itchy dry irritated scalps including psoriasis/dandruff Choose options above.

Organic Daily Moisture Conditioner

Made with organic oils, chamomile infused water, wild harvested apricot kernel oil, enriched with vitamins and other organic ingredients.

All Natural Luxurious Body Wash

Made with organic oils, organic aloe vera, organic, vegetable glycerin, essentail oils and other natural ingredients

Pet Shampoo - Organic

Made with organic coconut, olive and jojoba oils, vegetable glycerin, organic aloe vera, rosemary extract, and natural essential oils for scent. Made with essential oils known to repel fleas and ticks. 9 oz

All Natural Dog Treats

NOW Bigger Bags! Treat your fur babies to some delicious all natural treats made with high quality ingredients and no artificial colorings. Choose Flavors Below:

All Purpose Spray 32 oz

The way to clean your home naturally, disinfects and deodorizes. Contains 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend that is known for its Antibacterial / Antiseptic, Antimicrobial, Disinfecting properties. Perfect all around cleaner, including Windows. Also, use in your car for a clean fresh scent!

All Purpose Refill 1/2 Gallon

Save money and purchase the all purpose refill jug to refill your Gbottles at a Huge savings!! and save on plastic too! FREE MICROFIBER CLOTH WITH PURCHASE THIS MONTH!!

LAUNDRY SOAP New Organic Liquid Laundry Soap

Great for babies, sensitive skin and allergies. No Dyes, no chemicals and no artificial fragrances. Safe for septic, HE washers and top loaders. 35.19 oz. FREE DRYER BALL WITH PURCHASE THIS MONTH!! Choose Scent Above:

Wool Dryer Balls Each ~ Made in USA

Reduce harmful chemicals in your clothes and add wood dryer balls instead of dryer sheets. Reusable over and over again! Save money, Reduce drying time, conserve energy, naturally softens clothes. Optional: Add essential oils for scent.

Room/Linen Spray

Natural Room/Linen Spray Concentrated, so alittle goes a long way!

Foaming Hand and Body Soap

Made with organic ingredients and essential oils for scent

Concentrated Floor Cleaner

Concentrated All Natural Floor Wash. Makes 38 floor washes.

Gift Certificate

Give the Perfect Gift

Natural Wooden Soap Dish

Natural wooden soap dish, made with maple wood with ridges in to help dry your soap in between use. Made in USA

Natural Soap Sponge

Use with your natural soap products, gives great lather!Use with your natural soap products, gives great lather!

Soap Saks

Don't waste any of your natural soap, put all those little pieces in and wash or use with a full size bar. Machine washable. Pick Color below, design not guaranteed just color

Micro Fiber Cloths

Micro fiber cloths

Luffa Back Brush

Get those hard to reach areas with the natural luffa back brush with wooden hand and rope attached to hang conveniently in the shower to dry.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Cold Pressed/Unrefined extra virgin coconut oil

Shaving Soap